THE LORD OF THE RINGS (dal nostro collaboratore statunitense)


There is a gentleman, perhaps I should say a Lord, who goes around distributing his rings of power.  Many of these rings were given out generously.  Recipients of these rings are prominent figures.  This Lord did not create the rings of power; they were granted to him by higher powerful beings.  When I heard the press refer to him as Super Mario, I honestly thought they were speaking about a soccer player, whose name now escapes me.   However, since then I have learned that the Super Mario the press was referring to was none other than Mario Draghi, the Lord of the Rings.  Super Mario is a powerful and dangerous puppet who serves his masters well.

To understand the role of Super Mario, we have to summarize the history of the Italian colonization, from the end of World War II until the end of the Cold War and the breakup of the Soviet Union.  It was a long battle, fiercely fought, and highlighted by many events that tore the Italian Peninsula apart (class struggles, terrorism, etc.).  With the minds and souls of Italy completely devoted to the “Western style democracy,” a new phase was about to start:  The selling of Italy’s treasures for the benefits of greedy financial and corporate entities, in the name of Capitalism and free markets.  There were elements in the reigning Italian political class that–more for their own benefits than out of patriotic fervor– were attached to the State-run assets.  A strategy was needed to get rid of these politicians who were unable to understand the “benefits” of a fully-fledged Capitalist run society.  Getting rid of the old Italian political establishment was not going to be hard.  After all, they were not dealing with strong, incorruptible types like Enrico Mattei.  (perhaps the SIS-M16 and elements in the Italian intelligence community will one day decide to clarify the events of his death.)   Instead, they were dealing with a bunch of corrupted old cronies who were easy to dismantle.

The Lord of the Rings, “Super Mario” is part of an elite group of oligarchs, who in themselves represent a higher caste above the castes of political clowns with whom the Italians are so disgusted.  The real caste to defeat is made up of these leeches that are sucking the blood out of sovereign nations– these locusts that leave nothing behind but scorched land.  There is no point in targeting the small caste if the big one is allowed to remain in power.  These are the people that have been manipulating our society behind the scenes for a long time.  How did the Lord of the Rings get involved with these higher beings?  After attending high school in Rome with Luca di Montezemolo as his classmate, Super Mario graduated in 1970 from the University of La Sapienza in Rome. He then travelled to the United States where he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (the same school that taught figures such as Paul Robin Krugman, Ben Bernanke, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Kofi Anan).  After his stint at MIT, Super Mario spent the years from 1981 to 1991, teaching as a professor in the Universities of Trento, Padua, Venice and Florence.  His time was shared between his teaching duties and Washington DC, where he served as Executive Director of the World Bank, a position that he held from 1984-1990.  Super Mario was at home in the United States, where he was a Trustee at the Brookings Institute in Washington and where he spent time at the Kennedy School at Harvard and at Princeton’s Institute of Advance Study.

These were important years for Super Mario.  During his time in the United States in close contact with world renowned personalities, Super Mario was introduced into the circle of these higher beings.  As the 80’s came to an end, Super Mario was now a permanent member of this club of elitists.  In 1990, as the Soviet Union disintegrated, new horizons were opening for special interest groups, and opportunities for large profits through privatization and globalization emerged.  Italy was right at the center of this program:  It had a big State-run economic system, in opposition to the full Capitalist/Liberal American system; a hybrid system where strong State-run companies were in competition with– and sometimes in partnership with –private Italian enterprises. This was a system that, along with its own currency, was in charge of its own rules and regulations, with less of an outside influence, and was in control of its borders. Despite the corruption of the political class, this system had worked well to bring Italy from an impoverished country after World War II to an economic powerhouse of the world.  State companies like the giants IRI and ENI were instrumental in this process.

On the morning of June 2, 1992, the royal yacht Britannia was anchored at Civitavecchia and full of guests (the Queen was not on board).  The trip was sponsored by the British Invisible, and included a one-day seminar on the privatization of Italian State-run companies.  Many “celebrities” were on board:  Representatives of the UK and USA banks and financial institutions, hedge fund investors (such as George Soros), Super Mario, Gulio Tremonti,  Beniamino Andreatta, Mario Baldassari and many more.  June 2 was a special day.  It was the “Festa della Repubblica.”  But on this day, instead of celebrating the Republic, the only things that these vultures were about to celebrate was the plan to sell off Italian State-run companies.  That day Super Mario was attending as the Director General of Italy’s Treasury.  A year before, Super Mario had helped draft the Maastricht Treaty and headed the Italian delegation to the Treaty itself.  He knew almost everyone on board that yacht, which left Civitavecchia and sailed off in the sea towards the Tuscan coast.  Super Mario was entrusted as the person responsible to introduce the seminar.  Years later when questioned about his presence on the yacht, Super Mario would deny “fully participating” at the seminar, claiming that he was present at the introduction and then left the yacht before it headed out to sea.  Even if that was true, it does not change the role that Super Mario played in the selling of Italian State assets to private entities, foreign for the most part.  What most people do not know is that the seminar on the Britannia was not an isolated incident.  We have reports that there were several meetings held, prior to the Britannia, in much less public settings (if we can call a royal yacht a public setting).  The Britannia was just the culmination of a project that had started almost three years earlier with the exchanging of information and ideas in small secretive meetings between some of the figures that were present on the Britannia.  We know that these meetings were held for the most part in the USA, England and Italy.  Sometimes these meetings were conducted in private houses, sometimes in private conference rooms in hotels, and sometimes in private offices throughout Europe and the United States.  We also know that our Lord of the Rings was present at these meetings.  What we do not know is the complete list of attendees at these small underground meetings, nor the specific topics of these meetings.  One can only speculate that during these meetings the future of Italy was discussed, along with its political class and economic model.  These meetings took place before, during and after “Mani Pulite” (Clean Hands).  This alone, with the rumors of trips and meetings outside Italy of the then-famous Magistrate (later turned politician), casts suspicion that in some way, shape or form, Mani Pulite served the cause of these powerful entities.  The second phase of the colonization had started.

The strategy laid out on the Britannia was simple yet effective.  The earthquake of Mani Pulite had cleared the road for changes in the Italian political, and therefore, economic system.  Aided by the outrage over corrupt Italian politicians, the Lord of the Rings and his masters had devised the perfect plan.  Two months later would be Black September, with George Soros’ attacks on the Italian lira and the British pound, forcing both currencies to leave the ERM (Exchange Rate Mechanism).  Because of the Soros attack, the lira devalued, the exchange average rate for US Dollar to Lira, as August 1992 was 1102, as December 1992 (two months after the attack) was 1410, and a year later in December 1993 it was 1697. The lira never fully recovered, its demise had begun. The attack created a large Italian debt, which paved the road for privatization and a single European currency.  By the end of the 1990’s, Italy accounted for more than 10% of all the privatization sales in the world.  Since the privatization, Italy’s average quarterly GDP went from an historical high of 2.20% in December 1983 to a record low -3.00% in March 2009.  Since joining the Euro and selling its assets, Italy’s economy has continued to jolt with no end in sight.  In contrast, our Lord of the Rings and his masters have profited both financially and personally.  Since the infamous Britannia seminar, George Soros alone, with his speculation on the Lira, earned close to one billion dollars.  Super Mario’s career has also profited greatly since.  A year later, when questioned about privatization, Super Mario stated that “the process of privatization was irreversible.”  From 1993 to 2001, Super Mario, in the capacity of Director General of the Italian Treasury, chaired The Committee for Privatization.  In the same capacity, he chaired the committee that revised the Italian law on corporate governance and the functioning of financial markets.  The law is simply known as Draghi’s Law.  Upon leaving the Italian Treasury in 2002, Super Mario became the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs International.  In 2005, Super Mario left Goldman Sachs to become the Governor of the Bank of Italy.  His appointment to the Bank of Italy won praise from virtually everyone, from the enthusiastic Italian President Ciampi (ex-Governor of the Bank of Italy) to leftist “Mortadella” Romano Prodi (another Goldman Sachs boy).  During his tenure as the Governor of the Italian Central Bank, Super Mario was also appointed as a member of the Governing and General Councils of the European Central Bank and a member of the Board of Directors of the Bank for International Settlements.  (BIS is based in Basil, Switzerland and is the mother of all the central banks.)  He was also appointed to the Board of Governors of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Asian Development Bank.  In April 2006, he was elected Chairman of the Financial Stability Forum, which became the Financial Stability Board in spring 2009.  (FSB is another international regulatory body created by the G20.)

Last summer Super Mario was chosen as President of the ECB (European Central Bank). The appointment was announced first by the non-elected European President Herman Von Rompuy (Belgian politician with the face of a Weasel).  His tenure will officially start in November.  The Lord of the Rings, along with his masters, is already maneuvering to initiate the third phase of colonization.  We have seen glimpses of it with the attacks from the rating agencies directed towards Italy and the attempt of Super Mario, our Lord of the Rings, to distribute one of his rings of political power to Montezemolo.  The objective is to assure the alienation of the little sovereignty that is left in Italy and to position puppet politicians to continue perpetrating soundly the interests of Super Mario and his masters.

Twenty years after Mani Pulite and the starting of the largest privatization process in the world, Italy’s social and economic status is not better than it was.  The last twenty years were played by the rules imposed by these oligarchs.  Their solutions and programs are blatant failures and they are still imposing their dictatorship upon us.  How long will these oligarchs, like our Lord of the Rings, be left free to do whatever they wish and get rewarded for it?  The only chair Super Mario should be sitting on is the one in his prison cell, which he should share with his masters for conspiring against the State.  Is this ever going to happen?  Not likely unless this inept, spineless political class– on the left and on the right– is replaced in its entirety.  In the meantime, the Italians will have to endure pain and sorrow in the name of Super Mario and his masters, the Capitalist leeches, and their toys, globalization, mass immigration, privatization, the EU, the euro and so on.

In order to save Italy, drastic measures are needed.  Getting rid of these oligarchs is just the first step.  The second step is going over international treaties one by one (none of which are advantageous to Italian interests) and repudiating them.  But, ladies and gentlemen, we are running out of time, and the more time goes by, the more difficult it will be to break the chains of this slavery.  For example; just recently, some of the UBS economists “compared the euro zone to residency at the Eagle’s famous song Hotel California:  You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”  Welcome to hell.